103 Elegant Victorian Home Exterior Style

Elegant victorian home exterior style (77)
Elegant victorian home exterior style (77)

Grand and humble Victorian house, typically are solid built and simply configured. This building were originally built with interesting features such as sash windows, ceiling medallions, molding and tall baseboard and also a cast iron fireplaces. In decades past, the homeowner often replace it with modern material in a bid to bring the home up-to-date. They’re no longer appreciate the details. But many of them still use the exterior building originally.

Victorian exterior style is an architecture with its dramatic cupolas, looming towers, fancy turrets, rounded porches and balustrades. It’s full of ornate, elegant design and outdoor living space extending from the main to the upper level. Speaking of color, Victorian home comprised at least three colors. Some of it have as many as nine different different hues and shades. But keep it in mind that if you’re looking to flip the house, a Victorian purist will overlook the property if the exterior paint doesn’t reflect the period.


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