45 French Country Living Room Design Ideas

French country living room design ideas (34)
French country living room design ideas (34)

French living room design is about combining the balance of beauty and comfort that fits with country house like or modern house. Playing up with platina of ornate antiques gives a sophisticated, rustic and elegant look for your french country living room design. Bring the softer colors and delicate pattern is also a popular choice nowadays. A combination of golden yellow and red to cornflower blue and white will imbue a french country look.

Antler lamps mounted on Lucite offer a respite from all the rusticity and make the space feel lighter and fresher. It’s a great combination of french country antiques living room with contemporary flourished. A natural woven roman shade might fit your bill the best if you want privacy as well as light But if your room has multiple doors, a woven shade is the answer. it will not only let the sun through and keep the space neutral and relaxed.




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