30 Elegant Apartment with The Perfect Color Selection

Elegant apartment with the perfect color selection (24)
Elegant apartment with the perfect color selection (24)

One of the frustrating things about decorating a new space is picking the colors. Too many options means even the pros among us are bound to take an occasional wrong turn around the color wheel. To stay away from the mistake, first thing to do is you have to get the room planned and then select the paint to support all the stuff in your space. You can choose the color cues from fabric whether it’s your accent pillow or occasional  thing that has a pattern or print to it.

The next is, decide your focal point. If the wall is your focal point, then let everything else support it, not fight with it. Decorate the room from dark to light, vertically. Another tips is use the darker color for the floor, medium color for the walls and light color for the ceiling. Ignoring trend to be different so that will look a little fresher or softer or moodier. Choose colors like lavender and black, metal and brass things that work well and support a rich, sophisticated, even a little bit more masculine look.


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