22 Home Decor Inspiration Black, White and Green Interior Design

Home decor inspiration black, white and green interior design (11)
Home decor inspiration black, white and green interior design (11)

Have you ever been in a room where only 1 or 2 colors were used but it seemed as if there were 10? Tone coloring or layering, is a decorative technique that takes a single or a few colors and uses different saturation of that color(s) throughout the space. The result makes the room dramatically transformed just by lightening or darkening of that color.  If you are happy with your space color, but would like to give it more style, look at these ways to change your space with tone on tone color.

Tone coloring works well with any color and for dramatic look, use a dark wall color as the accent and bring that tone 2-3 shades lighter. Choose your one fave color and use tone variations throughout the room and it will blend beautifully with your art work. Mix max the material and pattern, but keeping all within the same color family. If you prefer a neutral palette, keep your furnishing neutral and add pop of color in your decoration.



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