24 Inspiring DIY Recycled Spool Cable Table Ideas

Inspiring recycled spool cable table ideas (17)
Inspiring recycled spool cable table ideas (17)

Cable spools are industrial item that like pallets, and it can be revived and reused. We probably seen them multiple times and it looked interesting and even found them to be funny. Cable spools can be used to make coffee tables, side tables and else. Even though they’re not as versatile as wooden pallets, they still can be used in many varieties of projects.

It’s extremely easy to turn the cable spool into a coffee table. You can just simply change its position and place the two symmetrical round pieces on the bottom and top. If you want to do some more work on it, you can paint the cable spool and give it a new finishing. Lacquer finish could be an option. And if you like being creative, you can draw the wooden surface or cover it with pages from magazine or book.


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