29 Adorable DIY Fairy Gardens Ideas

Adorable diy fairy gardens ideas (5)
Adorable diy fairy gardens ideas (5)

Are you looking for a kid-friendly gardening project? Are you loved fairy garden and all the magic of miniature decoration? A DIY fairy garden project is the answer. These whimsical container gardens offer kids a small planted play space. And it all starts with your imagination.

Let’s start with deciding the theme to make your garden project really easy to pick supplies and accessories. Choose the accessories that fit with the scale so all of them may not look mismatched and odd. For the living plant, small creeping plants are great for a border or edging. Once you figured out the scale, the theme and the plant, you can start decorating with the accessories for your fairy garden. If the accessories that you want is a bit pricey, make your own.


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