35 Beautiful Chic Backyard Ideas With Fire Pits

Beautiful chic backyard ideas with fire pits (23)
Beautiful chic backyard ideas with fire pits (23)

Many people love lighting a big fire in the backyard to cap off a day of entertaining. But building a pyre on the lawn left a charred circle that grew larger. It’s worrisome that a wind-blown ember could torch the nearby woods. Building a fire pits will make your backyard also looks great and safely contained the fire without a burnt ring of grass the next day.

Build the pit under low-hanging limbs or power line and avoid putting it over or near a septic tank, well head, leaching field, or property line. If the fire pit consists of two layers of wedge-shaped concrete blocks, place a straight piece of lumber on top of the first one and used the level to make sure it is on the mark. When laid up the second tier, staggering the blocks to ensure that it didn’t line up. Place your first ring of stones around the edge of the gravel circle and when placing the second row of stones, place some masonry adhesive on the bottom of each and stagger the placement on the second row. Remember to start with a smaller collection of newspaper, dry leave and sticks all together as your first fire in your brand new pit.



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