36 Clever Ideas: Storage Under The Stair

Clever ideas storage under the stair (13)
Clever ideas storage under the stair (13)

In these space-starved times, most of us wanted to utilize every inch of storage at home. So making the most of the area under the stairs doesn’t just make sense, but it also can help to create a free environment. The best trick to use the area underneath the stairs is to add shelves, cabinets, drawers, seating, storage spaces and more. It makes your stuff knit in an order and also a space saver.

Don’t assume that under stairs should be reserved only to hide the vacuum, shopping bag or any other un-useful stuff. Divide up your under-stairs area into narrow display shelves, while retaining a skinny hidden cabinet behind and you can use this open shelves to show your book collection. Rather than building in one cabinet, you can divide the under-stairs into smaller cabinets that are easier to keep tidy.  The slide-out shoe rack is also the great solution for getting rid of unsightly shoe strewn across the hallway, a common problem in many house.



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