30 Beautiful Yet Functional Porch Patio Privacy Screen

Beautiful yet functional porch patio privacy screen (18)
Beautiful yet functional porch patio privacy screen (18)

“Good fences make good neighbor”.  So let’s build a private haven with plants, fences, canopies or even artwork in your outdoor space. Keep your neighbor’s watchful eye out of your backyard. And here are some beautiful yet functional privacy screen ideas for your porch patio.

A slated ornamental wall serves a few purpose; lend privacy to the gathering space, helps shield the pit from wind (if you have a fire pit) and last one, it looks great. To create an instant privacy, you can use curtains that made from outdoor fabric for your charming porch. A salvaged wood wall and potting table will satisfy the city gardener for small urban patio. A hanging outdoor wall could become an option that brings modern design that creates a stylish twist on a basic door. But if want a low-maintenance and hig-function, a vertical garden is the perfect one.


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