30 Best Image The New York City High Line Architecture

Best image the new york city high line architecture (22)
Best image the new york city high line architecture (22)

In the early 1900s, the western are around the Chelsea and Meatpacking District was the largest industrial section of Manhattan, and a set of elevated tracks were created to move freight off the cluttered streets below. AS the city grows, there’s an actual chance to re-design the current spaces an s green pocket parks. On 99s a plan was made to convert the scarring strands of metal into a unique elevated public green space and it’s been one of New York’s star attraction ever since. In 2009 the high Line opened to the public with full of blooming flowers and Kelly green trees.

The High Line should accommodate various public uses, large quantity of peoples, and the industrial pursuits that will inevitably arise in the adjacent spaces. Many sitting space in various forms; giant chaise lounges to bleacher-like benching, quickly became the setting for various public works and activities, many geared toward the neighborhood’s growing population of families. This idea became the trendsetter in the island’s green-ification, the High Line is making a dedicated move towards becoming more than just a public place but an inspired meeting point for friends and families. A group tours for children can also be organized on a variety of topics from the plant-life of the high-rise park to the area’s history.



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