35 Private in Outdoor Space with Porch Curtains Privacy

Privat in outdoor space with porch curtains privacy (24)
Privat in outdoor space with porch curtains privacy (24)

An outdoor space is the perfect place to sit and have a cup of coffee before start your day or even to entertain friends and family. But when the weather is too hot, or if your neighbors seem close enough to lean over the porch rail but you need privacy, outdoor blinds might just do the trick. Let’s dress up porch or patio with an outdoor curtain, shades or blinds to keep the sun (and neighbors) out of view, too. Here are some tips for you choose the right treatment.

First is an outdoor curtain that create an elegant look, flowing look because they move in the breeze, letting sunlight into the space that create a dappled effect but don’t provide as much continuous shade as the other types. Choose patio shades and sails protect your home from sun damage and provide continuous shade but it depends on the thickness and weave of their fabric, they can filter or even completely block sunlight. The last one is outdoor blinds that can be installed over openings of a porch or pergola that can be raised and lowered as needed to create shade and, depending on the type of fabric, can also block the UV rays. Whatever kinds of privacy outdoor that you create, creating privacy outdoors doesn’t mean that you build walls between you and your neighbor, but it make your porch, deck or patio feel like it’s own private oasis with outdoor curtains.



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