36 Modern English Country Garden for Your Backyard

Modern english country garden for your backyard (30)
Modern english country garden for your backyard (30)

Do you have a little space of backyard that you want to turn into a lovely garden? Let’s bring English country garden ideas for it. English country garden is a green refreshing escape from the dull greys of the city because of its variety of plants, but it is tidy. Maintaining an English country garden will be easier for those who have a little time, and such a garden style will definitely have s symmetrical beauty.

The most striking feature of this garden style is that it has a certain mood in madness, it looks deceptively laid back with plants and shrubs but everything are actually organized into neat patterns. Be familiar with basil, oregano, thyme, and rosemary as your English country plants, while shrubs, bushes and small flowering trees area also another important component of it. The annual and perennial flowers; roses, carnations and daisies, are found in a colorful and vivacious English country garden. But you can also keep flowers such as lavender, iris and zinnias. The last is cobbled pathway so that you can take leisurely walks in your little backyard and turn back time.



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    Can you tell me what the two plants are on the gray ladder. They look like they are blue or purple?


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