55 Best DIY Inspiration: Fairy Garden Ideas

Best diy inspiration fairy garden ideas (43)
Best diy inspiration fairy garden ideas (43)

Fairy gardens are very popular lately, and thus are so cute! A fairy garden is fine in spring but also bring an original vibe during winter. It can be started with a container; big plastic tub with handles. And you can make this cute fairy garden by yourself.

After choosing a container you need to find the right spot for your fairy garden and pick the right potting mix. Place all the plants, features and miniature to be included on the top of the soil to give you a chance to experiment with different arrangement without making a mess. After you get the design you want, it’s time to plant the plants. When you finish it, smooth the soil final time and gently water the entire surface. Place the miniature right exactly just like your design and don’t forget to create the patio or path.



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