50 Stunning Minimalist Decor Ideas

Stunning minimalist decor ideas (8)
Stunning minimalist decor ideas (8)

What differentiates a stunning minimally designed interior from other that’s just not full of a lot of stuff? From a sophisticated and rich room rather than a boring and plain one? Creating minimalist design isn’t hard but it requires a particular balance of key design ingredients to make the right mix. Paring things down to the basis and ditching the superfluous can make it look super sophisticated and sleek.

For minimalist design furniture should all be in proportion with itself; nothing is too big or too small. Small touches and designs on elements in minimalist room are important; gold-leafed edge of frame, an embroidered element on a pillow- will adds to the richness without adding to clutter. Stick to neutral colors and let the light plays a huge part. In minimalist space, light is an important element so need to know when your light comes into your home and how it presents itself.


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