50 Incredibly Clever IKEA Hacks on A Budget

Incredibly clever ikea hacks on a budget 01
Incredibly clever ikea hacks on a budget 01

There is no need to buy expensive furniture. These quick fixes prove you don’t need to spend a fortune to add expensive furniture to your home. If you want to add retro elements to your contemporary furniture, try to swap your current couch feet for ones in a tapered style, adding hairpin legs to a desk, creating a dipped-paint side table or a bar cart from a baby-changing table and voila.  There is always a way even you only have a small budget.

To trick your boring shelves, add texture by making dings, dents and scratches with the help of screws and a hammer or any hard object that you have. To keep your kitchen from too Liberace-like, use the metals on smaller items or incorporate them as an accent color by giving a decorating object such as a vase, light fixture or serving tray and this can be done only with spray paint. If your coffee tables need a sophisticated touch, marble contact paper will make a realistic-look. Custom bookcases will gives you a sense of style but it’s quite robbing your bank. Buy a four IKEA Billy bookcases ($69 each) and create a custom-looking wall unit by adding a baseboard, trim molding to the gaps between the bookcases and crown it at the top.



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