60+ Stunning Living Room Decorating Ideas

Stunning living room decorating ideas 55
Stunning living room decorating ideas 55

Spice up the family’s favorite room with this complete overhaul or a quick change with these tips. Setting up your bar cart as an end table to display blooms, art and coffee table books to make your corner look classy. To keep an open floor plan cozy, put a short pieces such as tufted couch and use area rugs to define individual ‘room’ within the living room. Try to choose deep blue inky wallpaper for dramatic hues to drench a large living room.

Plush sofas and armchairs give the fancy look in a cool way and sure it’s a comfy seating. Swap shelving for more decorative options and load it up on fabric boxes or baskets to hide an overflow and give you more space. Save the square footage with dining chairs; a rattan-and-can perch takes up less real estate than a traditional recliner. White furniture can work in a house with kids; choose durable fabrics or a leather coach and surfaces that wipe clean easily such as the lacquer table or the plastic rocker.



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