41 Best Bungalow Front Porch Decor Ideas

Best bungalow front porch decor ideas (34)
Best bungalow front porch decor ideas (34)

There is nothing can compares sitting on a bungalow porch and watching the world goes by. A bungalow, also known as Arts and Crafts bungalows are based on the American Arts and Crafts movement. A bungalow has one important feature in common- the bungalow porch that creates a sense of community. You will find that most bungalows in specific sections of a town or city where the owner would sit on a porch after a hard day work to rest and also have a small talk with neighbors and friends.

The American Craftsman bungalow has low-pitch roof lines on a gabled or hipped roof; deeply beneath an extension of the main roof as the common features. Chicago Bungalows mostly build by the brick and have one and a half stories, this bungalows are relatively narrow, an average of only 20 feet wide. Milwaukee Bungalows is a bit similar to the Chicago Bungalows, but the roof of this bungalows usually gables perpendicular to the street. Detroit Bungalows also built during the Arts and Crafts movement and constructed using local building materials. So which one that you choose?



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