35 Most Beautiful DIY Glitter Countertop Ideas

Most beautiful diy glitter countertop ideas (17)
Most beautiful diy glitter countertop ideas (17)

When choosing material for kitchen countertop, people usually think of laminate or stone, if the budget allows. Many designers ask us to think outside the box a bit for countertop material that is functional and durable but also unusual. Take a look at your overall decorating scheme first before selecting countertop material to helps you when choosing a finish appropriate to the rest of the decoration. Stainless steel, concrete, zinc and copper are common countertop materials that many people willing to consider.

Stainless steel is a hardworking surface that is easy to maintain as it is beautiful and it also a good choice for a small kitchen. Other countertop option will be zinc, that looks similar to stainless steel but stains and dents easily and it is favored by those who welcome the look of materials aged by everyday use. Concrete is durable material that has many different look, depending on the amount of aggregate and the color pigment added to the mixture and it provides a perfect work surface once sealed. A copper, a very pliable material that lends a warm glow to create an interesting countertop edge to any kitchen- a bullnose for example- that would be very expensive and time-consuming to make out of stone.



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