50 Clever and Fresh Air Plant Decoration

Clever and fresh air plant decoration (3)
Clever and fresh air plant decoration (3)

There are large amount of ideas to use an air plants and a lot of creative planters to decorate. Air plant containers can be placed elegantly, wall mounted, hanging or arranged in an eye catching design with other natural elements to fascinating your home decoration. There aren’t any specific limitations on where you can use air plants because they can fit anywhere with the right planter design. There are some basic rules for caring for the good health of your plants.

The name ‘air plants’ is misleading and many people think that they do not need water, the fact is they will survive a fortnight of drought; the longer you keep them dry the chances grow that your adorable plants will die. Make sure that your air plants get enough light and air circulation for at least four hours after watering in order to dry because they also need watering, right temperature, light, air circulation, some fertilizing and the right containers. For the lighting and temperature, bright light is recommended as long as it doesn’t burn your plants and the best temperature for air plants is at 50-90 degrees F (10-15 degree C). And for fertilizer, use a water soluble fertilizer at ¼ the strength specified on the label once a month.



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