53 Beautiful Urban Farmhouse Master Bedroom Remodel

Beautiful urban farmhouse master bedroom remodel (38)
Beautiful urban farmhouse master bedroom remodel (38)

What is urban farmhouse design? It’s a combination between country and city chic. An eclectic, mix-and-match lifestyle is less about following the rules and more about creating a highly original look for every space in your house. Start this style with reclaimed wood, metal and leather and add industrial elements with timeworn finishes and distressed details, unique light fixture and black and white artwork. And voila, you’ve got a look that is stylish, charming and in vogue.

To achieve the right look you don’t need to live in a converted factory only with carefully chosen pieces you can cultivate the look with ease. First of all, keep your overall palette with neutral, and maintain ‘white’ or empty space in your design with clutter. Search for clean-lined elements to keep it sophisticated and don’t forget to introduce a texture and pattern via organic textiles. Have a look at below, and you will notice many inspirational suggestions.




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