50 Cozy Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Cozy bathroom tile design ideas (11)
Cozy bathroom tile design ideas (11)

There are many factors when choosing the perfect bathroom tile, and often the shower design will dictate the type of the tile that should or can be used; if you like a curved shower bench, you need to use a smaller tile that is approved for a wet location. Add a large-format tile is great for aging and barrier-free design in place. But is that tile safe?

Having the tile onsite before the shower bench is designed is better so the angle of the curves and natural arcs can be worked out; you may need smaller tiles to handle the curves. Plan to use slab or a tile that offers up a radius edge for your shower bench.  Glass is hard to work with, some of it can show moisture trapped behind them and make a great shower look awful. Picking smaller colored glass tile is better; many glass tiles have directional arrows so they all can be installed with the same orientation.



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