37 Best Country Interior Design for Your Dream Home

Best country interior design for your dream home (29)
Best country interior design for your dream home (29)

A country style emphasizes coziness. It drawn from English country homes that often feature steep, manicured grounds, thatched roofs and effusive gardens. The decoration of country style can be casual or formal and the focus is on function rather than other. Furniture is traditionally styled and colorful room that exudes warmth, comfort and love.

Colors abound in country decorating, mostly it features three or four colors and should make the room appear lived-in, cozy and inviting. Fabrics are plentiful and mixed; ruffled pillow and lace window that soften the space, chintz, floral patterns and damasks can be placed together in the same space. Furniture styles are traditional, and the predominant material is wood. The wood can be in dark or light-colored, or even stenciled, distressed and painted. See those country interior design picture below.


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