40 Fabulous Mediterranean Bathroom Design Ideas

Fabulous mediterranean bathroom design ideas (23)
Fabulous mediterranean bathroom design ideas (23)

The Mediterranean style is influences from Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey in an eclectic mixture of styles that develop in many centuries. This design takes its cues from casual, relaxed and comfortable style that can be found in many homes in countries adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea.  Mediterranean styles tends to incorporate colors that inspired by the natural beauty of the Mediterranean regions, often featuring warm earth tones; rusty reds, browns, deep, as well as bright sun-washed hues. Colors can be deployed as a primary scheme on ceilings, walls, and floor, or even can be used as accents throughout the design.

When it comes to Mediterranean bathroom design, the comfortable, casual and sun-drenched feel is often extended in it. The curved or arched doorway for bathroom entrances or shower stalls is another element that is a must for this style. Finally, patterns and textures; mosaic-style backsplashes or terracotta, curtain and linens, and walls also heavily featured in Mediterranean-style bathroom. Inlaid furniture or patterns, plus ornamentation like fringes or expertly carved arms and legs on tables or chaise, that’s at once casual and formal, elegant and relaxed.



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