44 Simple Desk Home Office Decorating Ideas

Simple desk home office decorating ideas (26)
Simple desk home office decorating ideas (26)

A beautiful idea of smart work space for your own is needed-whether you have space for just an extra room, a desk or a standalone studio that you can call your own. There are many ideas to make a simple home office desk decorating idea. One thing that should be consider, this space need to always look clean, neat and also cozy to helps you do the work. Check some best decorating and design ideas below.

Choose metallic accent color throughout your office to create a cohesive statement yet simple space. To hide the office clutter and make it neat and also reachable, storage is the solution; wall hanging shelves (that also helpful for small space) and boxes. To get you out of bored feeling when work, decorate your work space with quirky accessories or colorful patterned drapes to add interest and make it feel unique with neutrals. The lighting also need to be consider, make your office feel airy and sunny by using white throughout.



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