101 Outstanding Indoor Pool Design for Modern House

Outstanding indoor pool design for modern house 037
Outstanding indoor pool design for modern house 037

Indoor pools are becoming increasingly popular, thanks for their luxurious design and year-round convenience. Though a pool room or enclosure adds expensive to the cost of a pool, it also guarantees perfect swimming conditions year-round. Any type of pool can be constructed indoors (gunite, fiberglass or vinyl-lined). The installation itself can be as simple as a lap pool or as elaborate as an indoor water park.

The best time to plan an indoor pool is during the design and construction of a new house and of course we need to take someone who knows what they are doing to do it right; architectural help is needed- to get the cost and construction. The humidity of the pool should be maintained and has come under heavy scrutiny in recent years- any dehumidification system should be carefully designed to make sure that air is not forced across the pool surface which can speed up evaporation. As any wet indoor environment, plastic vapor barriers are needed behind walls to prevent moisture from reaching the structural framing members to encourage the growth of mold and cause damage. Windows and sliding doors let the natural light flood the space, but when the sun goes down, you need an adequate lighting for nighttime enjoyment and safety; avoid overhead lights because the bulbs are too difficult to access when they need changing-consider fiber-optic cable fixtures, which use remote illuminators that are easily accessible.



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