65 Bohemian Interior Decorating Ideas

Bohemian interior decorating ideas 56
Bohemian interior decorating ideas 56

Bedroom is supposed to be serene and tranquil, but a little color can’t hurt. If you are the artistic type that likes to explore, reinvent and experiment in your space, choose bohemian style for your home is a great idea. If you agree with that, look deep down into your heart and mind and figure out what defines you as a person and try to corporate those elements into the decoration for your space. It is may sounds a bit chaotic, but it’s not.

Express yourself; display your favorite things and colorful collections. Think out of the box and no need to follow the rules; mix colors and patterns, make DIY curtains out of your old clothes, mix styles and create unexpected juxtapositions, have a rainbow colors on your bed in the form of pillow, this is what bohemian style is about. Forget about what people think or want, the whole idea of this decoration is defines you and not a streamline home. It’s your space so you can do whatever you want and whatever you don’t- it’s what every home should be like.


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