70 Incredibly Cool Bathroom Mirror Decor Ideas

Incredibly cool bathroom mirror decor ideas 21
Incredibly cool bathroom mirror decor ideas 21

A mirror in a bathroom makes a major different of the room’s function and interior design. It helps bring a room to life and their ability to make a room appear larger and brighter enhances the overall atmosphere and makes all other design choices look even better. Mirror can make them seem magical, but it’s really needed a careful planning and strategic choice. A mirror that is too small for the space ends up surrounded by blank wall looks odd and out of space, while too large mirror dominates the anchoring point and creates an awkward, boxy effect.

To determine the ideal mirror width, measure the width of the vanity you want to install the mirror above and to get the ideal mirror height, measure from the base of the vanity up to the lighting. Pay attention to windows in the bathroom; choose a big mirror to reflect windows, without hanging over the edge of the vanity, dramatically increases the natural light in the bathroom. If all those problem has been solve, use all of those information to determine the amount of usable mirror space you need or want, for example a thicker frame mirror make it difficult for two people using the mirror at once. Whether new construction, renovating or adding a new bathroom and existing one, mirror gives a fantastic design solution.



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