72 Gorgeous Laundry Room Design Makeover Ideas

Gorgeous laundry room design makeover ideas (29)
Gorgeous laundry room design makeover ideas (29)

Laundry room can often become a space for coats, shoes, backpack, mail and anything else that can quickly get dropped of f at the door. But it doesn’t have to be merely industrial spaces. Laundry room can be just as clean, organized and well-design as every other room. Follow these tips to keep your laundry room organized.

Finding a place for the cleaning supplies is a common problem in the laundry room, so store the cleaning supplies in a carry-all caddy or open-top storage container to solve this problem. For a small space of laundry room, a hanging space is become a serious problem but all you need to do now is install a retractable clothesline or buy an inexpensive freestanding drying rack to reclaim a space needed in the laundry room. Cut down your laundry time with an organized method for presorting clothes; if you have available space, add three laundry hampers – so if the hampers get full, it’s time to wash them. To keep the system going well, have each other member of the family to be responsible for their own dirty clothes by bringing them to the laundry room. so now let’s take a look at those pictures below for you to get your own laundry room design below.



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