70 Ecletic Living Room Decoration Ideas

Ecletic living room decoration ideas 17
Ecletic living room decoration ideas 17

People will easily fall in love with the eclectic style, yet it is a bit trickier to achieve. To help you out, here are the do’s and don’ts to consider when adding an eclectic style for your space. It’s so easy to choose which colors, texture and pattern that will bring the style together as a planning but don’t forget to think about the placement; the layout is what will make it comfortable and feel like a room you want to be in. before you start to buy a decoration for the room, nail down where each piece of it will go.

When arranging the layout, the curate look shouldn’t lack focus, so create a focal point with an eye-catching element; fireplace, accent wall or bold decorative item. Remember to ‘let utility inform your decoration’ because the room is meant to be lived in, consider bookshelves, baskets, card tables and drink trays that lend a cozy, lived-in atmosphere to your living room. There are many variety of the nature of the eclectic style, so each room should still complement others; make this style as a commitment in each room throughout the house. One color should serve as a unifying factor for the whole design. So whether you go-to color is off-white or olive green, consistently return to it while decorating for a cohesive look.



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