15 Modern Garden Design Ideas you Have to Try

Modern garden design ideas you have to try (12)
Modern garden design ideas you have to try (12)

Bring the clean lines of modern garden in your landscape. The beauty of modern garden design is more than skin deep. Using the material such as metal, stone, concrete and even plastic, can leave behind many upkeep considerations and making maintenance a breeze. Planting areas will also support the modern garden design; develop the plant with limited pruning or irrigation.

Modern garden designs typically revolve around the strong lines and areas that emphasize if function and beauty. As example, adding a galvanized metal will as bed edging will provides an elegant touch and it also reflects light at night and effectively illuminating path and planting areas as lighting also plays a major role on it. Consider a grasses to make another fabulous addition and the plant that underscore a modern ambiance; topiaries, upright tree form or a neatly clipped hedge -, and tropical plants with strong lines; cordyline, phormium, or agave – to infuse containers or planting beds with architectural interest and this plants also can work even in any climates. Just grow them simply such as in a pots and you can shift to cozy quarters before winter arrive.



  1. Thank you for your gorgeous examples of garden decorating. I love the second to last photo with a whole line of potted plants that frame the sidewalk. It really gives the path a statement design and will also prevent people to walk on my grass. My backyard is pretty big, but there is an area that we don’t want anybody walking on it. This would solve that in a hurry!


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