31 DIY Patio Privacy Screen for Apartment

Diy patio privacy screen for apartment 02
Diy patio privacy screen for apartment 02

Nowadays, privacy becomes a rare commodity. That is why many people now trying as best as they can to keep their privacy area hidden from any prying eye. It involves installing privacy fencing for patio that allows everyone inside to do what they want to do without being conscious. Although it sounds simple, there are several things to take into account when designing it. Have a look at some ideas on how to create privacy in your patio.

Add an outdoor curtains or do-it-yourself cloth curtains from plain old drop cloth to keep your privacy without blocking the fresh air. Repurposed your old shutter as the one-of-a-kind fence that can be removed or rearranging anytime or upcycle it into a folding partition is also a great solution. Planting your own hanging baskets is simple and also adds color on your patio. Need more idea? Try one of these smart solutions below for more secluded patio.



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