31 Outstanding Mid-Century Interior Design Ideas

Outstanding mid-century interior design ideas 23
Outstanding mid-century interior design ideas 23

Mid-Century decoration was introduced in the 50s and 60s which the furniture and decoration itself were clean, inclusive and also sophisticated. Everything is cyclical and the interior design is no exception. The best designs become popular again and again, such as mid-century modern design right now that is become the high light. Here are some tips to help you to make a retro-inspired look with mid-century design as the basic.

As the first step, choose the right selection of colors because it will leads to the selection of the furniture and home decoration; combine natural darker color tones with accent of saturated colors. The style of mid-century furniture has clean and straight lines; accented with curved, smooth angles – that rarely has upholstery or any fancy ornamentation. The pure design of this style is without rustic element; unfinished wood, aged metal – but you can break the rules by adding abstract and asymmetrical patterns. As for the lamp, this style can be of geometric lines, very straight, or to be round and have curved contour and most often is made of finished metal but sometimes it can be with wood legs. Check out those 31 outstanding mid-century interior design ideas below.


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