40 Clever and Genius Small Dining Room Design Ideas

Clever and genius small dining room design ideas 39
Clever and genius small dining room design ideas 39

Small dining room can be challenging. First of all, considering the scale according to the space you have. Try to limit the color that you choose, the simple trick is not to get too fussy and keep to the fewest colors possible. Adding mirror in a small room is a great way; opens up space like nothing else and reflects light and yes, it makes you room looks larger. To help you keeping fussiness away, choose a simple window treatment.

Choosing the right table shape is a clever ways to help your small space; round table is the best! Mix your table with armless chair or choose chairs that have a smaller or more slender profile. If you want to add furniture in your dining room, put a transparent material or acrylic to make ‘disappear’ look that leaving you with lots more visual space. Lighting is also a must, if you want to add chandelier, pick chandelier that has simple lines and small profile. So you can get a glam look even if you only have a small space.



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