38 Fresh Mint Green Color Scheme for Bedroom

Fresh mint green color scheme for bedroom (26)
Fresh mint green color scheme for bedroom (26)

Mint green is light, bright, cheerful and undeniably fresh color that is the best color to freshen up a space. And decorating with mint green hue is also simple even for the most novice home decorators. It is easy to decorate with this color because it can be pair with many other colors and works well in several types of rooms. Despite of it, there are still a few important things to remember.

Add a lot of natural light to reflect of the mint to make it extra bright on your decoration and combine it with brass fixtures and fittings; while mint does work with chrome, the brass will give the warmer look. Don’t put much of this color; if your walls and furniture are in mint green, try to use it in accent pillows and throws and don’t forget to add some warm accents because mint green itself is so light and fresh so it need a warm or even dark color to ground it. The best mix for mint green is white, black, coral, grey, and aqua.



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