72 Stunning Vintage Camper Decoration for Your Next Trip

Stunning vintage camper decoration for your next trip 69
Stunning vintage camper decoration for your next trip 69

When we talk about vintage decoration, grandmother usually knows best. It is like, what was ‘in’ in grandma’s house and the ‘out’ in your mother decorated hers is back ‘in’ again. After all, decoration styles are cyclical. But there are certain classics that will never go out of style and it can be traced right back even to your family matriarch. So, bring your inner granny with these vintage decoration ideas and have a great trip in your own vintage camper.

Add a floral motive in your camper; wallpaper, pillow, curtain, anything – (vintage or not) is that reminds you of Grandma, right? Pink color was a huge trend in the 40’s and 50’s, so why don’t you just put the pink in all over your camper? The only thing more ‘grandma’ than using embroidery hoops is using them to decorate your space on your camper or simply add an ultra-feminine doilies that can be modernize by sewing several together and it turns to be a cute table runner for your camper. But don’t forget to put a cozy quilt or crocheted duvet just like the topped off your grandma’s bed to accompany your trip in your own camper.



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