54 Crazy Halloween Fairy Garden Decor Ideas

Crazy halloween fairy garden decor ideas (27)
Crazy halloween fairy garden decor ideas (27)

If you like gardening, you probably caught on to how popular fairy garden is. There are many tips and trick that we gave to you to inspire your own fairy garden in this site before. Since it’s coming up on the end of summer and fall decoration is about to hit the stores, let’s styling your fairy garden with some haunting but cute decorations would be nice. Yes, say hello to Halloween fairy garden.

Let’s make a ghostly pumpkin fairy garden from the real pumpkin, the pinecone roof and the twig windows and door will make your fairy garden is a perfect piece of fall decoration. Or how about a Halloween box fairy garden with the creepy homemade tombstones, the scary witch and the ugly ghost in tree trunk and a bit grass that gives a ‘realistic’ feeling in it. Repurpose your old bird bath into an indoor lighted fairy garden; water bottles were covered in napkins, given a coat of wood icing and then painted to make a creepy castle, foam blocks for the staircase and tons of moss and twigs pull this whole garden together and of course, the fairy lights. Or perhaps a bucket Halloween fairy garden; small bucket garden full of soil with creepy looking plants, tiny house and accessories along with the trick or treat banner make this mini Halloween fairy garden perfect as your porch décor. See more picture below.


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