68 Gorgeous Full Sun Landscaping Ideas

Gorgeous full sun landscaping ideas (64)
Gorgeous full sun landscaping ideas (64)

If you have dry, sunny areas on your outdoor space and wish to grow plants there, you need to select full sun plants that are known for their drought-tolerance. Many of the perennials are popular in rock gardens. Please note that full sun is considered to be a landscape that receives 6 hours or more of direct sunlight on sunny day. Following is some list of perennials that is qualified for it.

Yellow alyssum flowers and snow-in summer plants are low-growing, mat-forming plants that are effective as ground covers and very popular in rock gardens. Another full-sun plant with silvery foliage is lamb’s ear that is low-maintenance, not only drought-resistant but also deer-resistant. Add a succulent; hens and chicks plants, stonecrop plants – that is striving for four-season interest in the outdoor will appreciate the flowers this succulent provides in September. See the full sun landscaping pictures below to get some inspiration.



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