65 Small Bathroom Makeover on A Budget

Small bathroom makeover on a budget (53)
Small bathroom makeover on a budget (53)

Check out these tips for saving money during your bathroom remodel without flushing any funds down the toilet. Work with architect or designer seems like a bit pricey. But it is money spent well and it also assures you that your design, budget and timeline are realistic, save your time and money and of course without making an expensive errors. Other reason to work with a designer on your bathroom renovation; using the existing piping will save your money; relocating utilities (like the toilet and bathtub) are no small task.

Dress up a mirror with a fantastic frame to hide any age-related wear and at a fraction of the price of sourcing a huge hanging mirror to give it a more updated look. When remodeling the bathroom, consider replacing the toilet seat and lit instead of tossing out the whole porcelain perch; change the two tops can give your toilet a fresh look without buying a new unit, which save your plumber installation fees. Hit the salvage hard; salvage and redo cast iron tubs, light fixtures, even sinks or anything that fits your style. The bath doesn’t have to have tile to the ceiling; consider alternatives like reclaimed wood panels, board and batten or bead-board as high-end looking tile replacements.



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