16 Awesome Decorative Pillows to Upgrade your Living Room

16 awesome decorative pillows to upgrade your living room
16 awesome decorative pillows to upgrade your living room

A throw pillow can transform your space decoration and deliver bold statement. If you want to add a modern look, go for an odd number and using a limited color palette and large geometric prints on smooth, tightly woven fabrics; linen and cotton. But if you like to have lots of colors, pull them from a piece of art that’s in the room. Traditional trim is okay to add interest but retain a solid block of color.

For the traditional look, add two or four large pillows arranged on either side of a sofa that will impact a sense of symmetry and order. Use velvet and silk and layering a variety of textures, patterns and colors to keep things lively. Save the big trim; tassel fringe – for large pillows. Small pillows will look best with slim trim like cord and braid.

Caning Pillow

Caning pillowBuy Now

Relax Pillow

Relax pillowBuy Now

‘Glacier Plaid’ Wool Pillow

'glacier plaid' wool pillow
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Shimmer Velvet Tassel Pillow

Shimmer velvet tassel pillow
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‘Cuddle Up’ Faux Fur Heart Accent

'cuddle up' faux fur heart accent
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‘words of wisdom’ accent pillow

'words of wisdom' accent pillow
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Cuddle Up Faux Fur Drum Pouf

Cuddle up faux fur drum pouf
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Lucerne Velvet Pillow

Lucerne velvet pillow
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Plaid Reindeer Pillow

Plaid reindeer pillow
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Winter Critter Accent Pillow

Winter critter accent pillow
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Faux Feather Accent Pillow

Faux feather accent pillow
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Lilo Accent Pillow

Lilo accent pillow
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Sequin Pillow

Sequin pillow
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Embroidered Medallion Pillow

Embroidered medallion pillow
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Ciao Bella Pillow

Ciao bella pillow
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Summerville embroidered pillow
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Summerville Embroidered Pillow


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