44 Amazing Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decorating Ideas

44 amazing modern farmhouse bathroom decorating ideas
44 amazing modern farmhouse bathroom decorating ideas

Farmhouse style is takes us to simpler time. Where technology wasn’t invading your everyday lives and where bath was a luxury enjoyed with a good book and candles. Farmhouse bathroom can be functional. Thanks to today’s retro-looking but modern-performing hardware, tubs, toilets and sinks because you can get the look and feel of a farmhouse bathroom. Here are some inspiring tips for you.

If you have a medium-sized space, build a bright and open farmhouse bathroom with a lot of white and natural wood that works together to contrast the natural brick wall and darker floor. For a clean, elegant and accessible farmhouse bathroom, choose the neutral colors, a freestanding tub, a trendy shower stall, and wood-paneled walls for the rustic touch. An open storage, rough wood cabinet with open storage and beautiful black and white tile make a farmhouse bathroom look stunning. Add the gorgeous mirrors, brass light fixtures and hardware, and simple white sinks finish off the look.


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