52 Inspiring English Cottage Decor Ideas

52 inspiring english cottage decor ideas
52 inspiring english cottage decor ideas

English cottages radiate with charming floral prints, unassuming furniture, and relaxed but have a dignified design. If you find yourself constantly yearning for a house to whisk you away to the picturesque hills of the English countryside, it’s time to bring the English countryside to your space. Whether it is a modern cookie-cutter tract home that has you feeling trapped or a cramped big city apartment, the following tips will give your home that cozy, pastoral feeling that English cottage daydreams are made of. Check these out.

The authentic style of English countryside cottage is without a sofa and /or armchair upholstered in a patterned textile; stripes, plaids, floral – would fit into the look seamlessly. To create instant warmth and homey vibes, add a throws pillows and rugs throughout your home; don’t be afraid to scour the Goodwill bins. English cottage is highly encourages a mixture of colors, textures and patterns and most of it are 100% washable. Pile your tables, benches and floor with good reads to be available and any books will do, but opt for leather bound or worn-and-tattered titles when possible to bring richness and character to empty surfaces.


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