60 Simple and Smart Thanksgiving Decoration for Your Apartment

60 simple and smart thanksgiving decoration for your apartment
60 simple and smart thanksgiving decoration for your apartment

Let’s set aside the paper turkeys and fake leaves for more sophisticated Thanksgiving decoration. A white table’s cape with faux pumpkins that spray-painted gold for an especially decadent look is elegant decoration during the holidays no matter the time of the year. Craft a ribbon rose wreath for your front door with a moss-covered wreath form and autumnal ribbon roses. Craft a rustic tray; all you need is an air-dry clay and paint that will perfect for candles and fall accents or as a part of Thanksgiving table setting.

Nothing can brighten up your space better than vases with fall flowers; sunflowers are one of great choice. To keep it blooms fresh is by remove all leaves below the water line and change out the water every few days. Fall is the perfect time to root through old family photos; pop them in a frame and create a gallery wall so everyone can enjoy a sentimental stroll down memory lane. And now let’s have a look at another example of simple and smart Thanksgiving decoration for your apartment below.


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