70 Cheap and Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces Ideas

70 cheap and easy thanksgiving centerpieces ideas
70 cheap and easy thanksgiving centerpieces ideas

Feast your eyes on some beautiful centerpieces for Thanksgiving. Transform your pumpkin into a planter; remove the top quarter of a small pumpkin, scoop out the seeds and pulp and fill with floral foam and flower. Don’t forget to surround your centerpiece with acorns, squash and other elements. Or perhaps try to give your plain old vase a new look; coating roughly some dried corn with metallic gold and copper spray paint and tie it all with gold raffia, and fill it with floral foam and add seasonal flowers as desired.

Another perfect focal point is a wheat cloche; bundling a small handful of wheat and tie it with twine, and turn a cloche upside down and place the wheat inside. Top them with base and invert and add leftover snips of wheat to votive holders and securing with twine. Other idea is adding some harvest-time charm to the table with durable centerpiece; a mix of faux berries, gourds leaves that can be used year after year. See more 70 examples of cheap and easy Thanksgiving centerpieces ideas below.


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