45 Perfect Southwest Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

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Southwestern interior design features are distinctive, ethnic styles that are very warm and inviting. This design is a decorative compilation of Native American and Spanish styles which are the environment and heritage of New Mexico, Spain and Arizona natives. It is also a traditional infusion, consisting of color, woods, metal details and decorative accents. The characteristic of the Southwestern interior and exterior home decorating, includes flat roofs; large open floor plans; extensive courtyards; high ceilings with exposed wooden beams; spacious foyers; and beautiful, lush, colorful arid and style gardens.

As for the color, the bold, bright colors of the Southwestern style are drawn from the land that is so extremely bold and vibrant, yet warm. Pine, maple, Cherry wood, oak and hickory are some of the wood species that are used throughout rooms of this design. And as for the furniture, you can mix upholstery finished and textiles to give your room an eclectic, vibrant punch or even plain, antique, primitive or simple Southwestern cherry or walnut wooden furniture that look fabulous in suede, leather or woven materials. Check out these 45 southwestern bedroom interior design ideas below to get the best Southwest design for your own.


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