52 Cozy and Romantic Bedroom Decoration

Cozy and romantic bedroom decoration (44)
Cozy and romantic bedroom decoration (44)

Creating the ‘love’ ambience’ in bedroom depends on 4 factors: temperature (68-75 degree), light, scent, and color. So let’s warm up your room started from the wall. Red may be the official color love, but not in Bed. A Travelodge study of 2,000 people found that those whose rooms were caramel tones had sex the more often, whereas those who decorated in red.

Moreover, try to use the finest fabric s that create a feeling of splendor in this super sexy retreat. If you need a ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign in your bedroom, try to add a nightstand that match perfectly with the luxurious high-end wallpaper. Or perhaps you can just elaborate a dramatic canopy bet with the lighting as your stage for the romantic night. And next is use your scents, so why not you infuse it in your room so the smell of you will reminds your partner of you. Just sprinkle your own signature scent while making the bed will pay of better of the romantic spell of your own.


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