82 Luxurious Tuscan Bathroom Decor Ideas

Luxurious tuscan bathroom decor ideas (80)
Luxurious tuscan bathroom decor ideas (80)

If you want to add a warm, welcoming and luxe bathroom design, tuscan decoration is the answer. Italy’s Tuscany region attracts lovers of wine, food, luxury and glorious weather from all over the world. And it has inspired design style such as Tuscan bathroom design are abundant as well. One of the most important thing from tuscan bathroom design is use a particular color palette such as natural earth tones with deep orange, browns, reds and yellow that consistently appear in tuscan bathroom design.

On the luxurious tuscan bathroom design, the natural earthy theme continues. Floors or backsplashes often featured with terracotta tiles design. Use natural stone or granite in deep earth tones and matte finishes for countertops and sink. Don’t forget that lighting is also important. Natural light taking starring role if it’s available. But if your bathroom features window, make sure that any shades or curtains are semi-transparent to make sure that sufficient light will enter the room.





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