25 Genius Laundry Room Hacks That Beyond Imagination

Genius laundry room hacks that beyond imagination (2)
Genius laundry room hacks that beyond imagination (2)

Laundry room might not be the glamorous space  in your home. But it should be one of the most organize especially for those who has small laundry room. Laundry can be a daily hassle for so many people. So here are some genius laundry room hacks to make things easier and to make a fresh-scented breeze.

Ironing board do really need a big space, so hang it to the back of the door or make a DIY version that fits on the top of the dryer. There is always a space between your washing machine and dryer and the wall, so take the advantage of it by put a small pull-out cart to store your laundry supplies. Hang your laundry baskets vertically so this can even help your back from lean over all the time to get the clothes and it also take up less space. Add some wall storage or put slanted racks above the washing machine and dryer so you can use that space but still reach what you need.




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