33 Floating Vanity Shelves, Space Saving Ideas For Your Apartment

Floating vanity shelves, space saving ideas for your apartment (20)
Floating vanity shelves, space saving ideas for your apartment (20)


If you can decide what to do with your blank wall, floating vanity shelves is could be the answer. Whether your room is large or small, floating vanity shelves idea such as wall cabinet, storage towel and many more will help you add space and stay organized. You can add a floating vanity shelves on every inch of space in your house. You can just buy a cabinet, drawer or perhaps make it by yourself to get your dream floating vanity shelves.

To create a decoration on the corner of your wall, you can just stick stack to showcase your favorite stuff. In the kitchen, put your cooking utensil in the floating shelves but don’t forget to use the underside to hang your mug on ti. Hang a shelves on the wall for your huge collection of book to make it stay organized without spending much space. Don’t be stuck with only one shape of shelves. Have fun with angles and shape when you have many different size of it will also looks more lovely.


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