25 Beautiful Living Room Set Up Decorating Ideas

Beautiful living room set up decorating ideas (15)
Beautiful living room set up decorating ideas (15)

How you live in the room will instantly set the tone of where you place your furniture. You need to know how to arrange spaces, whether you wanted to watching TV, chatting with friends or relaxing. First thing that you should do is measuring the size of the room; check the stairs and door width and the dimensions of the hallways. An easy way to estimate the basic size is measure your foot first and then walk heel to toe across the room.

Mix furnishing with various size and different characteristic to add visual interest to any space. Use ‘triangulation’ tricks; placement of two end tables on either side of a sofa with a painting above the sofa to make your room looks at a work of art. For a long narrow living space, we can split it in two by creating zones of function. One half is for the function of conversing or for the sofa and the other half is for dining set


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