25 Fabulous Garden of Evergreen That’ll Look Good All Year

Fabulous garden of evergreen that'll look good all year (17)
Fabulous garden of evergreen that'll look good all year (17)

There are hundreds of varieties of evergreen garden plant. While many grow into massive specimens, dwarf collection is perfect for planting. Try them to give your eyes a visual break. Low-growing evergreens are perfect for planting around your foundation to hide it all years because they keep their foliage all winter.

Select varieties that offer different colors and shape but stay compact so they don’t outgrow. ‘Silver Whispers’ Swiss stone pine, ‘Montgomery’ blue spruce and ‘Blue Shag’ white pine are smaller selection that combines beautifully as an example. The most common ways to use evergreen is as a screen in the landscape. For a small space, you can choose tall, columnar varieties of arborvitae, yew, and juniper. If you have large space, be sure to include broadleaf evergreens such as rhododendrons.


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